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Confidence-boosting TaeKwon-Do Training in Calgary & Airdrie

The road to black belt is a rewarding one. At Destiny Martial Arts, we’re not just training the body and mind; we’re transforming lives.


Highly practical and effective self-defence skills

At Destiny Martial Arts we practice authentic ITF TaeKwon-Do developed by Korean military General Choi Hong Hi.


Our Programs

Destiny Martial Arts provides martial arts instruction for students ages 5+ in Airdrie and ages 7+ in Calgary. Adults and youth ages 7+ participate in our regular ITF TaeKwon-Do program, while children ages 5-6 participate in our Kinder Kickers program, designed specifically for this younger age group.

ITF TaeKwon-Do

Ages 7+
ITF TaeKwon-Do in Calgary

At Destiny Martial Arts we teach Chang-Hun TaeKwon-Do, which is one of the original styles of TaeKwon-Do from Korea. Developed by General Choi Hong Hi for the Korean army, the style consists of pattern training, free sparring, blocking, punching and kicking techniques. Students also learn board-breaking, theory components and highly practical and effective self-defense techniques rooted in Ju-Jitsu.

Our ITF TaeKwon-Do Program is available at our Calgary & Airdrie locations.

Kinder Kickers

Ages 5-6
Taekwondo ages 5-6

The Destiny Martial Arts Kinder Kickers program offers an appropriate balance of effective mental and physical training for junior elementary students in a fun and supportive environment. This program was specifically designed to meet the unique needs of young children and to help them learn the foundations of social interaction, focus, concentration, listening and following instructions.

Our Kinder Kickers program is available at our Airdrie location only.

DMA Student High Taekwondo Kick

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What makes us different?

We believe in the power of TaeKwon-Do to transform lives, hearts, minds and attitudes – to create champions who are empowered to take on every challenge in life and to learn to defend themselves and to stand up for the oppressed.

  • Instructional Team

    Destiny Martial Arts students are privileged to train under a 7th Dan Master – Master Dana Johnson – who trained directly under General Choi, the founder of TaeKwon-Do, and a team of dedicated assistant black belt instructors.

  • Non-Profit Society

    Destiny Martial Arts operates as a non-profit society with the express intention of providing the highest caliber of martial arts instruction to our students at a cost that is affordable for the average family. We are dedicated to maintaining a program that is accessible and inclusive. We offer preferred pricing for families who wish to strengthen family bonds through training together.

  • Affiliation

    Destiny Martial Arts is affiliated with both ITF HQ Korea and ITF Union. We are part of a large regional group of TaeKwon-Do practitioners who work in tandem to provide rich opportunities through regional, national and international competition. We participate in 3-4 regional tournaments annually – in areas such as Calgary, Edmonton and Lethbridge – with 300-700 competitors, and offer opportunities to travel inter-provincially and internationally for those students wishing to participate at the higher levels.

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