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About Us

At Destiny Martial Arts, we make continued efforts to provide the very best in Martial Arts Instruction for anyone wishing to find that one thing that they have been missing in their lives. We are success enablers. We accept the challenge to teach you if you accept the challenge to learn. You won’t find an organization that is as enthusiastic and passionate about our craft as Destiny Martial Arts. We foster a very appealing student, instructor relationship and we set you up for success. Empty your cup, open your mind, step in and step up and make your mark as a martial artist with Destiny Martial Arts today. We will guide you on every step of your journey to excellence.

Kinder Kickers

Children ages 4 to 6: An appropriate balance of effective mental and physical training for pre-schoolers and Jr. elementary students.

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Children ages 7 to 12: An essential training program designed to help develop confidence and character in younger people.

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Teens & Adults

For young adults and adults ages 13 and older. A program designed to enhance day to day living in School or in the work place.

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