A recent article published on the website Parenting Checkpoint points to TaeKwon-Do and Karate as the best choices for children – particularly those in the pre-teen age category. Following is an excerpt from the article:

“Based on 27 studies, learning martial arts has more positive than negative impacts on personality development, and is able to reduce hostile and aggressive behaviors. However, the effects are often different across different types of martial arts. Interestingly, the best martial arts for kids are karate and taekwondo. First, learning karate and taekwondo over several years with advanced levels has many benefits to children’s character development and well-being. Second, unlike most people’s perception, most studies show that learning karate and taekwondo does not lead to aggressive behaviors.”

The article then goes on to say:

“In general, learning taekwondo is able to reduce anxiety, enhance self-esteem, and promote social adroitness. (…) Advanced levels of taekwondo can even enhance independence, self-regulation (thinking and emotion), better classroom behaviors, mental math, and prosocial behaviors (helping others, volunteering, sharing with others, and collaborating well with others).”

Read the full article here – Best Martial Arts for Kids: What Research Shows?