With the new training season well underway, I wanted to offer a quick review of the expected conduct of all students at Destiny Martial Arts in class:

  • Students must stop, come to attention and bow as they enter the training floor
  • Students must scan their attendance card prior to each class
  • Long hair must be tied back with a plain hair tie
  • No jewelry, watches or bright hair accessories are to be worn
  • Practice good hygiene with clean and trimmed finger and toe nails
  • Food and drinks are not allowed on the training floor nor is gum chewing permitted
  • Turn away from instructors when adjusting uniforms and belts
  • Students are not to be talking in class unless told to do so by their instructor
  • Gear bags are to be kept neat and tidy with all personal effects tucked neatly inside
  • Students must ask permission before leaving the training floor to use the washroom unless it is an emergency
  • Students are not to teach other students unless instructed to do so by their senior
  • Sparring outside of the dojang is not permitted
  • Ensure your instructor is aware of any medical conditions that affect your training
  • Students are required to bring a water bottle to class

Finally, please keep the areas outside our training floors free from clutter. We are guests of Genesis Place in Airdrie and Genesis Centre in Calgary and want to be sure to show ourselves to be self-disciplined and courteous in our conduct.